About Us

About Biz innings

If you are here "you should be the one with any of the following symptoms"

  • Having strong zeal to prove yourself
  • Having a great business idea but no funds
  • You are fed up working for others and now wanted to start your own business
  • You always felt things can be done in a better way if you were in the driving seat
  • You are frustrated working with sick managers
  • You want to show the world what you are
  • You felt if not now then never
  • You and your friends want to change the world with your product
  • You want someone to hand hold you on this new journey of Entrepreneurship
  • You wanted to start a franchise of the already proven business model
  • You have a brand and now you want to expand it through franchising
  • Running a successful business and now wanted financial assistance to scale up
  • You are desperate to know your business value
  • You wanted to have a safe business exit

Symptoms matched? Yes, we are here for you, we are a group of young and dynamic entrepreneurs who have undergone all these symptoms throughout our life and started this platform for someone like you to enlighten your ideas and thoughts through Funding, Franchising, Consulting, Buying and Selling, Valuating and providing financial assistance for your ideas and businesses