Chaitanya Gundluri

CEO at Biz Innings.
Beyond his tasks as a CEO,
He writes and hosts most of our blogs and interviews.

Chaitanya has some office hours available every day for business founders.
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Growth Hacking

Strategies, Hybrid Marketing Plans,
Lead Conversion Hacking, Road Map

Product Development and Commercialization

Bringing ideas Into Reality, Achieving Commercial Success

Franchise Consulting

Legal Compliances, Agreements,
ROI and Expansion Strategies

Here is Chaitanya Gundluri for you!

An unorthodox serial entrepreneur who firmly believes that entrepreneurship is an adventure ride and only thrill-seekers can enjoy this race. Having launched 8 startups so far, his love for startups seems never-ending, he is instrumental in building several path-breaking businesses and turning Ideas into reality.

During his professional engagement, Chaitanya Gundluri was engaged in media, sponsorships, e-commerce, leasing, franchising, new product development/commercialization, investments, consulting, sales, marketing, recruitment, training and growth hacking, he was the key driving force in establishing 220+ franchises and 45 businesses across India so far.

After starting his full-fledged entrepreneurial journey in 2016, he founded Biz Innings which has now evolved as India's most loveable funding, franchising and growth hacking platform, through Biz Innings Chaitanya Gundluri is passionately building a brawny startup ecosystem by connecting ends to smoothen the startup funding process, he is currently mentoring 35 startups/businesses and helped hundreds of franchisors/businesses through his consulting and growth hacking techniques, beyond his tasks as CEO, he writes most of the blogs on Biz Innings and Interviews top entrepreneurs via Biz Talks.

Apart from being a passionate entrepreneur, he loves hiking, adventures, living outdoors, tent life, photography, long drives and he's been constantly doing these activities throughout his life. The traveller inside him is fond of wildlife/animals especially strays, he feels that's where his heart is, this made him wear a Philanthropist hat and started two NGO's "Planet Guardians" and "Collar Up" to protect stray dogs, cows, oxen and bulls, he's been spending his major earnings towards safeguarding strays from vehicle crashes.

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Startups Mentoring

How can Chaitanya help your Business/Startup/Franchise grow!!!

Biz Innings has been showing freedom seeking business starters (like you) how to find their way into overcrowded and competitive markets and get their "ducks in a row".

Chaitanya Gundluri's speciality is strategy – he skillfully guides startups/businesses through the maze of decisions and sets a clear track for success. As a startup founder and newbie, you are being bombarded with tactics and advice, which is crazy-making but at Biz Innings we start simple by understanding your Sweet Spot and defining a positioning. we will help you design a bespoke strategy from your zone of confidence. Without this certainty, you'll drown in overwhelm.

Chaitanya Gundluri draws 10 years of experience as a business strategist for the big end of town PLUS another 15 years in the entrepreneurial engagements, he is passionate about building businesses and a constant passive income seeker, from the day one of his career he went on building many businesses alongside.

Although our CEO is busy building his own businesses he spares 60 minutes of his office hours every day to help startups /businesses/franchises grow, people who know him say he is building this one straight from his heart.

So why wait!! get your dose by booking his office hours.

Office Hours

Every day, Chaitanya sets aside 1 hour time to speak with other startup founders. He will be happy to provide feedback on your business, ideas and growth.
NOTE - This is not a pitching or fundraising session, please opt these paid sessions only for services mentioned underneath.

Growth Hacking

A 30-minute session/call to discuss your business model, financial model and go-to-market plans.

Product Development and Commercialization

A 20-minute session/call to understand your product-market fit and GTM.

Franchise Consulting

A 20-minute session/call to evaluate your franchising plans and suggest you how to skyrocket your business presence.

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Fundraising | Franchising | Business Valuation

While Chaitanya's time is 100% dedicated in growing his own businesses, he is occasionally available to offer consulting sessions on various startup topics.

Here's how Team Biz Innings can help business owners.

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